Sunday, January 23, 2011

Junlge Preaching and Monkeying Around

Wow these titles are getting worse and worse.. Anyway, a lots been going on in Tena. Wednesday we went out in service for the first time. It was a group of about thirty people, and we´re headed into a small village about three hours from Tena (I think its only 60 miles from Tena, but the quality of the roads make it a 3 hour drive)We did territory on the way there to keep our time going. I worked with Saul, a 22 year old pioneer brother from The Oeste Congregation. He did most of the talking. People listen here much more readily than home,  i´ll come back to that in a minute. Because it was such a big group and few people own cars, we rode in the trailer of Tony Pratts truck (The Coordinating elder of the Oeste Congregation. He´s from New Zealand so he speaks fluent english):

This is Julie (England), Saul & Samuel (Local Cong.), and I on our way to the village. John, Julie´s husband took the picture. And no, my collar is not a fashion statement, Aaron had the sunscreen in his backpack in another car we had not come into contact with all day, so i was pretty much cooking in the sun. It was Fantastico!

 (movie equipment)

We stopped for lunch at a small river

We were told to try not to take pictures while in the village. We did not want to send the message that we were tourists. We were there to bring them information about the bible, and we wanted that to come across. This particular tribe spoke Woa (pronounced Wow) which no witnesses yet speak. Most though, spoke spanish and translated to the rest. After getting to know the people, and making sure they were comfortable with us, we set up the projector for the movie. Once it was dark, we put on the video about Noahs life, and the then the Whole Association of Brothers DVD for about 40 villagers (I think that was a majority of the tribe). Afterwards, Tony briefly talked to the tribe about the danger of modern entertainment and the importance of bible principals (this, oddly enough was very applicable to this tribe. Recently oil was found on their land. An oil company came in and appeased the tribe with modern convienences so that the tribe would allow them to set up to mine the oil. They provided them with electricity, and of course, a TV. Tony said that often times villages fall apart when electricity and TV are introduced) We distributed literature to everyone that wanted it, which was just about everyone, and packed up to leave. We wont return again for at least 6 months to a year. The experience was pretty unreal, its the kind of stuff I´ve only read about up to now.

Saturday was service again, i worked with Samuel. He started two studies within an hour. People have a respect for the bible, and respect for other people in general that is lost in a lot of other places. Even though he started studies though, Samuel placed no books. He will go back and study with them first, make sure they are willing to continue studying, and only then will he give them a book of their own. Very different than home. Nearly every single person would take a book if you offered it to them, and books are sparce here, so they have to use a different approach. It´s difficult still for me to have a full share because of my limited spanish, but we are learning a lot.

Friday, we went and saw monkeys!!!!!!! A small town called Mishualli, that for some reason (no one i talked to seemed to no why) has a population of monkeys that lives close by, that will come into the town in the morning to try and get food from the tourists

 And they love eggs!

It was pretty awesome! I wish i could post the videos but this computer is giving me trouble with them, maybe another time. Today we went to our second meeting, 830 Public talk and WT. The Oeste congregation has about 75 publishers, and is growing! Here´s the KH

Going to play soccer tonight with some brothers, gonna get schooled... Hope everyone is well! I´ll try to come up with a less corny title for the next post.

Giant Ecuador Adventure(r)


  1. Amazing Dan! I'm liking the collar look. See any trout in the rivers? The trip sounds fantastic so far.

  2. danny!! it looks like you're having an amazing time! i'll have to pass your link on to Katelyn and Eden (sisters in from alaska right now!) i think you met Katelyn while she was here in November and Eden just spent the last three weeks with her in Guyana!! they'll both be back in the summer and you can swap stories! anyways...your pictures are great and it sounds like the ministry is incredible!! keep posting! -Leslie =)

  3. TF! It seems like things are going well! 8D I'm impressed you're actually writing in this... and glad about it! Keep it up; you'll learn more in time!


  4. I love this! Thanks for keeping us filled in! OH but no more spider pics ok?... ;)

  5. Danny! Looks like you're having an incredible time!! I'm happy for you guys. Also a little reminder...don't forget about Zucaritas. She's so important. Ella necesita oir sobre sus aventuras con los monos...y en la predicacion.

  6. can you bring me home a monkey!??! :)

  7. Yeah Dan,
    I want a monkey to. My 6 cats and 1shepherd need company. They're not getting into enough trouble.
    Looks like you're having the thrill of a lifetime. Enjoy and hugs to Aaron for me. :o)

  8. I want a monkey too!!!1

    Love the blog and I'm not your Mommy.