Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome to the Jungle

Not only is that a Guns N Roses song, but that was my life today. And a harsh welcome it was! We arrived in Tena today, part of whats known as "El Oriente" down here, the jungle. But first, let me esplain. No. Too much, let me sum up: Went to our first meeting (in English) in Quito to the congregation of about 20 publishers. A nice kingdom hall with benches that could seat about 80-90  comfortably and an amzing view of the mountains encasing the city (unfortunately i forgot my camera, so no pictures of the kingdom hall) We also did our first few days in service. For the English group, service consists of going into every business, or ringing every gate bell (every single house/apartment is completely gated in) on a city block and asking if there is anyone there that speaks English. Met some very nice friends and had some enjoyable conversations at some doors, although again no pictures (I was cautioned against showing anything worth stealing while walking around if possible). We went to the center of the city sunday night to see the amazing architecture

Some really cool buildings! This morning though, things took a very sudden turn. As we packed the taxi full of our luggage at 5 this morning and headed toward our 6 hour bus ride, we didnt know what to expect. The bus ride was pleasant enough. Even though it was really long, there were some pretty cool views, including what looked like an ocean of fog:

Tonight we are staying at a hotel a brother from Holland owns. The coolest thing about it is that everyone staying here tonight (about 12 people) are need greaters hear to preach!

Except for this guy......

Looks fake, but thats a tarantula!! Tomorrow we go into a secluded village to bring literature, and bring the village a special surprise! Hope it goes well, can't wait to post about it!

Giant Ecuador Adventure(r)


  1. ohhh my little dan-ito. first i would like to say how much i appreciate your fine backround selection. such an artsy fella. i am glad you are continuing to conquer the amazing country that is ecuador! be sure to jot down your journeys in zucaritas! take good care of her...she's been through a lot. watch out for the giant spiders, and the tiny, sneaky ecuadorian men. what they lack in height, they make up for in stealth! keep those pockets guarded! godspeed my child....godspeed!

  2. awesome !! loving the pictures and glad the bus ride wasnt too rough !! im sure mom had you a little concerned with her forwarded articles she was sending. Lol. Cant wait to hear about how it goes in the village !

  3. Wow! And I thought you were going to be roughing it! Pretty fancy! We should have sent you off with one of those spy cameras inside eyeglass frames. Trip looks amazing. Keep 'em comin' - Unc

  4. .......ok maybe I was a lttle nervous about the bus ride to Tena....Glad your ride was better than expected! So excited to hear about the Brothers Hotel and all the Friends that are staying there.Lovin the pics and the posts! Look forward to hearing all about it!

  5. Whoa.. Those are some epic photos!

  6. Hey Hijo mio como estas? Wow all the pictures of you n Danny are great. We miss you very much in hopewell, Wish we were there, everything looks so beautiful, " well not the monkeys" but everything else looks nice. Your nephews looks bigger by the day. And of course Hi Danny thank you for all this information and pictures you are doing a muy bonito trabajo. Gracias